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     IPOOST profile

IPOOST is a professional group in medicine, especially, in aesthetics and dermatology field that try to offer distinct services to dermatologists, spas, beauty clinics and everybody that are active in this fields in IRAN.

     IPOOST services

Authoring and publication of scientefic books to introduction of new medical equipment and methods.

          Some books that published by ipoost co:

              Biological treatments with PRP (2011)

              PRP in orthopedics, sport medicine, aesthetics, wound healing and etc. (2012)

              Cellulite treatment equipment and methods.(2012)

              Mesotherapy in skin rejuvenation, hair care and Cellulite. (2013)

Workshop on related equipment and methods.

         Some weekly workshops that are held by ipoost co:

               Fat graft, mesotherapy, PRP therapy, fillers injection, botox injection, skin care.

Selling and distributing of skin, hair and aesthetics equipment and lasers.

Clinical and technical consultation about equipping beauty salons, medical centers, etc.



     IPOOST website

Our website (www.ipoost.com) provide comprehensive information about equipment, doctors, medical centers and the science of skin and aesthetics in Persian language for the public and individuals that active in skin and aesthetics field.

This website has facilities that allow all doctors and clinics recorded their information in website free to see by visitors. There are now more than 2,000 registered doctors and beauty centers.


IPOOST Co is willing to offer and market your products in IRAN as your company agency. If you are tending to cooperate, do not hesitate to contact us in case you need any more information.

     Contact Us

Add:  Unit5, No76, mansour St, motahari St, vali asr Av, Tehran, IRAN

Tel/Fax:  +9821-88709453 - 88709454

Website: www.ipoost.co

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